Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Explorers of the Wild by Cale Atkinson - ADVISABLE

Atkinson, Cale  Explorers of the Wild, Illustrated by Cale Atkinson.  PICTURE BOOK.  Disney Books, 2016.  $16.99.  Content:  G.

Two explorers are out in the wild when they chance upon each other.  One is a young boy, and the other is a bear cub.  At first they are scared of each other, but soon recognize each other as a fellow explorers.  They spend the rest of the day on a great adventure.  

This is an utterly charming book with great illustrations.  The story is told on alternating pages as the boy and the cub mirror each other in the adventures before they meet.  It is fun to compare the two.  For example, one page shows the boy’s explorer “tools,” and next is contrasted with the cubs more nature-based “tools.”  There is so much to discuss and talk about on each page.  At the end, they both “take” a picture to remember each other by.  The boy takes his with a camera; the cub draws the picture on a rock with berries.  A fun book for the little explorer (or a great read to inspire a more timid child to go explore the unknown).  

EL (1-3) – ADVISABLE.  Reviewer:  MM.

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