Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Punk Skunks by Trisha Speed Shaskan - ADVISABLE

Shaskan, Trisha Speed Punk Skunks, illustrated by Stephen Shaskan PICTUREBOOK. Harper Collins, 2016. $17.99. Content G.  

Kit and Buzz are best friends - they do everything together, but each in their own way. They play at the park; Kit plays hopscotch, Buzz paints.  They play in a band; kit on the drums, buzz on the guitar.  But when they can’t agree on what to write their next song about, they get into a huge fight!  

Delightfully full of onomatopoeia - bang, rattle, clickety clack, this is a fun read aloud.  Even best friends argue sometimes, and compromise is a good way to solve this problem.  

EL  (K-3) - ADVISABLE Lisa Librarian

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