Monday, May 23, 2016

A Tree is a Plant by Clyde Robert Bulla - ADVISABLE

Bulla, Clyde Robert A Tree is a Plant Harper, 2001 (reprint). $6.99 PICTURE BOOK/NON-FICTION
This book follows the life of an apple tree from seed to tree with fruit, as well as through seasons. During the progression information is provided about plants, roots, and how a tree makes food for itself. Illustrations are large and bright.
I love this book and thought it was just perfectly written and illustrated. Teachers love this series, but this is by far the best one I have read from it. The illustrations are so beautiful. The text is simple and easy to understand for even Kindergarten. If this was a new release I would rate it as essential.
EL(K-3)  -ADVISABLE  Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary School Librarian & Author.

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