Friday, May 13, 2016

Mechanica by Betsy Cornwell - ADVISABLE

Cornwell, Betsy Mechanica, 307 pgs. Clarion Books, 2015. $17.99. Language: G (0 swears, 0 ‘f’); Mature Content: PG; Violence; G. Nicolette and her mother were very close until she died of Fey’s Croup. Nicolette finds a mysterious letter under her door on her sixteenth birthday. Her mission is to work and fix her mechanical friend and do it in a short time frame. With the ball and the convention, will she make it in time? 

This story is a fractured fairy tale that mainly follows the plot of the classic “Cinderella”. Nicolette’s mechanical abilities and her past help to make this story even better overall and allows us to connect with Nicolette even more. There is a background overview on her life before it goes into the real story. This book does have a slightly large vocabulary and made me look a few things up to know what exactly I was reading. 

EL, MS – ADVISABLE.  Student Reviewer: KE, 7 grade

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