We could use a few more reviewers at Kiss the Book.  Read on if you think you might be interested.

1.  Potential reviewers can have a GoodReads or similar book shelf account, but should not be reviewing books for another website or publication, unless you are going to end that association.

2.  School librarians are our first preference for reviewers, but public librarians, school teachers, and dedicated voracious readers of any type are welcome, including student reviewers.

3.  Reviewers should be able to read and review a minimum of two books a month, though one a week would be AWESOME!

4.  I cannot guarantee which books you will receive.  While I try to listen to your preferences in genres, there are many different books of many genres that need to be reviewed.  Most of books right now are new adult level realistic fiction.

5.  Right now I need reviewers who will read elementary level chapters books or upper high school level books (new adult) - especially new adult books.  After you pass the vetting process, I will actually mail you books to read and review if you don't live in the Salt Lake City area.

6. Reviewers need to have a strong personal voice, be able to follow the detailed formatting rules for posting on KTB, and be able to write a professional book review.

7.  If you are still interested after reading all of that, please drop me (Cindy) a line at and I will give you further information.


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