Sunday, March 9, 2008

Search for the Red Dragon by James Owens

Owen, James A. The Search for the Red Dragon, pgs.368 Simon and Schuster, Inc. Launguage-G; Sexual Content-G; Violence-G; It's been nine years since John, Jack, and Charles had their adventure in the Archipelago of Dreams and became Caretakers of the Imaginarium Geographica. Now they are going back to save the Archipelago again, this time someone has been stealing the children of the Archipelago. Their only clue is a message from a odd girl with artificial wings: "The Crusade has begun." Worse, all the dragon ships have gone as well. Now they have to save the children, find the Red Dragon, figure out who has been stealing the children, and head to the Underneath. Sequel to Here there be Dragons. A very humorous book but read the first book first or you won't get a lot of things. EL,MS-ESSENTIAL. Student Reviewer:RH

The Crow by Alison Croggon

Croggon, Alison The Crow, 483 pages. Candlewick Press. Language-G, Sexual Content-G, Violence-PG-13 - ; The Crow is the third installment in the series the Books of Pellinor. It tells the next segment of the tale from the point of view of Hem, a young man who has been an orphan and friendless until meeting his sister Maerad, the protagonist of the series, in a past installment. But while Maerad traveled north, Hem went south with his mentor to learn how to use his gift to its full potential. But war is approaching from the Iron Tower, and the south is no longer safe. Hem, and his mentor are forced to flee. But as they attempt to escape, Hem and another orphan, Zelika, plan to investigate the dark tactics being used against their home.--Although The Crow is very different when compared to its predecessors, it was still very intriguing and has vital points that are sure to carry on to the climax of the series. The content of the book was darker the than previous novels, but still a great read! MS/HS-ESSENTIAL. Student Reviewer: KR

Sure Fire by Jack Higgins

Higgins, Jack with Justin Richards Sure Fire, 224 p. Penguin, 2007. Rich and Jade's mother has just died and now they find themselves saddled with a dad whom they had never even heard of. Well, he's never heard of them either, but they must try to live together. Dad is trying to shuffle them off to boarding school, but before he even gets a chance, he is kidnapped; the only reason the kids know is that they followed him when he snuck out of the apartment. Now all three of them are running for their lives and only fast wits, smart plans and family togetherness will save the world and their lives along with it. I sure hope that there are going to be many more titles involving the Chance family, because they are fantastic. They are just as good as the Cherub series and I don't remember a single swear word, which makes them even better! MS - ESSENTIAL

Secret Life of a Teenage Siren by Wendy Toliver

Toliver, Wendy The Secret Life of a Teenage Siren 281pages, Simon Pulse. Language PG13- Sexual Content PG- Violence G- Roxy is a band geek. She can barely get cute guys to notice her, much less date her. Then on her birthday she turns into a Siren: incredibly beautiful with the power to control all men. Now she can get a guy to do anything she wants with just a few notes from her flute. There are two rules though; you can't tell anyone about being a Siren, and you can't fall in love. When she starts dating Zach, the guy everybody's crushing on she realizes she could get used to being a Siren…but how can she not fall in love? A great book for teens that enjoy a fun romantic comedy. MS-HS ADVISABLE. Student Reviewer: RH