Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Sleeping Gypsy by Mordicai Gerstein-ADVISABLE

Gerstein, Mordicai, The Sleeping Gypsy. Holiday House Books, 2016. $16.95. PICTURE BOOK.

Based off a painting called, ‘The Sleeping Gypsy” by Henry Rousseau, Mordicai depicts a story of how the painting came to be. When a gypsy falls asleep, a lion, the moon, a baboon, an ostrich , a rabbit, a tortoise, a lizard, and an ostrich wonder where she came from. A beautifully illustrated picture reminiscent of the painting, Gerstein bring his imaginative take to life and draws the readers into the story. The text is simple and is easily complemented by the rich, colorful illustrations. A great read aloud for young children and their parents or teachers, this is a perfect addition to any collection. PreK-3. ADVISABLE. Reviewer: Kira M, Youth Services Librarian, WHI Public Library.

The Gauntlet by Eoin Colfer-ESSENTIAL

Colfer, Eoin, The Gauntlet. Pgs. 273. Marvel, 2016. $16.99. Language: G, Mature Content: PG, Violence: PG

On route to a public appearance at an environmental summit, Tony Stark is currently running in his party suit, the suit with minimum bells and whistles. When he catches a glimpse of a threat that could destroy the summit, however, he knows he has to go. When he gets there, he finds himself stripped of his suit, in a jail cell, and facing his arch nemesis, Mandarin. With no one knowing where he is, Tony must rely on the help of the girl, Saoirse, who got tricked into tricking him. Now, Tony must find a way to get off the island and stop Mandarin once and for all. Will he succeed?

Action-packed and full of Eoin Colfer’s humor, this book is engaging and impossible to put down. Eoin’s writing and narrative style easily pulls readers into Tony’s world. The plot is complex, well-developed, and entertaining. The characters are true to their movie counterparts and Eoin’s humor adds a lot of depth to their personalities. This is a must-read for any reluctant reader, Marvel fan, Eoin Colfer fan, or anyone who likes action-packed adventures.

EL, MS - ESSENTIAL. Reviewer: Kira M, Youth Services Librarian, WHI Public Library.

Trouble Makes a Comeback by Stephanie Tromly-ESSENTIAL

Tromly, Stephanie, Trouble Makes a Comeback. Pgs. 298. Penguin Random House, 2016. $17.99. Language: G, Mature Content: PG-13 (drugs, kidnapping, murder, some off-page sexual content), Violence: PG-13(drugs, kidnapping, murder, attempted murder)

Phillip Digby is back in town and is following a new lead he has on his sister. He wants Henry and Zoe to help him again. Zoe Webster, however, has become popular and is trying to balance Digby with her social life. As the trio do a little digging, they also discover that there is someone selling Steroids to the football team, including Zoe’s boyfriend, Austin. With two cases to solve, Zoe, Henry, and Digby are on the case. Will they find out what happened to Digby’s sister? Who is behind the steroid selling at school?

Humorous and engaging, the author pulls the readers right into Zoe’s world. The characters are delightfully well-developed and realistic.  The plot is complex and keeps the reader guessing what will happen next. The descriptions are detailed and make the imagination run wild. Like Veronica Mars (teenage sleuth) on overdrive, this is a must-have addition to any collection. Due to content, this is best suited for Grades  to 12. Although it will make more sense if readers read Trouble is a Friend of Mine, this book can be read separately as well.

MS, HS. ESSENTIAL. Reviewer: Kira M, Youth Services Librarian, WHI Public Library.