Friday, December 30, 2016

Zach and Lucy and the Museum of Natural Wonders by the Pifferson Sisters -- ADVISABLE

The Pifferson Sisters Zach and Lucy and the Museum of Natural Wonders. Simon Spotlight, 2016. $16.99.

Lucy and Zach decide to put together a museum of natural wonders. They ask permission, they find a spot in the basement of their apartment building, and they walk around their block collecting specimens. Lucy and Zach are so enthusiastic that their cranky neighbor is certain they must be up to no good. How can they prove otherwise?

It's nice to see both kids using their imagination and ingenuity, as well as appreciating the bits of nature they have in their city. Their project could inspire similar ones from young readers.

EL (K-3) -- ADVISABLE. Reviewed by Sydney G., K-6 Library Media Specialist

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