Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Gathering by Dan Poblocki - OPTIONAL

Poblocki, Dan The Gathering (Shadow House 1), 213pgs. Scholastic, 2016. $12.99.

Poppy, Azumi, Dylan, Dash and Marcus think they have each been summoned to Shadow House. They all are “invited” to Larkspur for different reasons and go there with high hopes for the future. Soon they discover that Shadow House is haunted and seemingly hungry. Something within the wall of Shadow House are terribly wrong. Who are the strange children appearing? Where do they come from? Hallways and rooms move and stretch in this eerie house. Will the five children discover the secrets of the house? Will they be able to escape?

The book does not end with a conclusion to the story. It is the first in a trilogy. The book has a really creepy cover and the pages and dark. I did not think the characters were all that well developed and the book was no an especially good read. Some students might enjoy the simplicity of the story and the writing.

MS – OPTIONAL   Reviewer: Ellen-Anita   Librarian

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