Saturday, December 31, 2016

Reformed by Justin Weinberger - NO

Weinberger, Justin Reformed, 210 pages.  Scholastic Press, MARCH 2017.  $17.  

Ian, twelve, and his friends have been sent for six weeks at bully reform school. 

In order to enjoy this story, I have to be able to buy the premise that Ian and his friends are all rotten and that they did something that warrants six weeks in a reform school with older kids – but I don’t.  I can’t buy into the premise, so I didn’t enjoy the book.   This is the third book I have tried to read about reforming bullies this month – and not one of them has been worth the time.

Cindy, Library Teacher


Ms. Yingling said...

Really, are there ANY books about bullying that are done well? So done with the topic.

Cindy Mitchell said...

Hi Karen: If you want to cross post a link to your review, feel free to include it in the comments. I promise I will actually post them! --Cindy