Friday, May 20, 2016

Snowy Bear by Tony Mitton- OPTIONAL

Mitton, Tony. Snowy Bear, PICTURE BOOK. Bloomsbury, 2015. A little white bear trudges through the snow, looking for a warm place to rest. He is kicked out of a fox den and an owl hole in a tree, but he keeps wandering and finds a small cottage with a warm fire and a little, lonely girl who cuddles him up and takes him to sleep. I was so into this book, then the ending threw me all off. I didn’t understand why the little girl and bear hugged each other so quickly. I don’t think they knew one another and it just came off as really odd. I think it was supposed to be a lesson on the lonely finding each other, but it seemed strange and forced. It was really too bad, because the illustrations are really cute and I sure was pulling for that bear to find a warm place to be. PRE-K, K-3- OPTIONAL. Reviewed by Shay, High School Librarian

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