Sunday, May 22, 2016

Promposal by Rhonda Helms - NO

Helms, Rhonda Promposal: It’s all about the ask pg. 207 Teen Simon and Schuster 2015 Language: (70 swears, 1 “f”); Mature Content-PG-13; Violence: G;

Being a high school librarian and being wrapped up in kids asking to prom I was intrigued by the title.  It captures all the typical teenage scenarios when it comes to asking to prom.  The mean girl who says no in front of the whole school, the girls who doesn’t know the guy very well and gets asked on TV, the girl who likes another guy and really wants him to ask her but she gets asked by his cousin.  The couple who makes out all the time, and the awkward guy who just doesn’t know how to act.  The chapters trade back and forth between two main characters Camilla and Joshua.  The profanity in it takes away from the story and is completely unnecessary.  The funny thing is the end of the story hardly has any profanity at all.  I absolutely hated the ending it abruptly stops.  It needs more resolution.  I also don’t agree with Camilla’s decision of what she does at the prom.  It’s not noble.  Joshua is gay and is attracted to another male.  It had a lot of potential I just think it’s a broken story.  I won’t put it in my library.

HS - NOT RECOMMENDED Emilee Teacher Librarian

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