Sunday, December 6, 2015

Shades of Doon by Corp and Langdon - OPTIONAL

Corp, Carey & Langdon, Lorie Shades of Doon, 344 pages. BLINK, 2015. Language-G (0 swears, 0 "f"s) Mature Content-PG; Violence-G; 

Veronica and her best friend McKenna live in Doon, or at least, they are trying to. However, something strange lurks in the unknown, something that keeps pulling Veronica and Mckenna to the real world, and away from their happily ever afters in Doon. The friends must figure out who is behind this strange magic, and stop them before they take over Doon. 

The book was interesting, but a little confusing. I could tell it was a sequel, and I felt like I never got the full story. I had a hard time remembering everybody's name and nick-name because Veronica and McKenna both had a different nick-name for the same person, but it could have been that I read it too quickly. 

MS & HS- OPTIONAL. Student Reviewer: MMH

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