Friday, December 18, 2015

Peppa Pig and the Day at Snowy Mountain by Neville Astley- ADVISABLE

Astley, Neville. Peppa Pig and the Day at Snowy Mountain, PICTURE BOOK. Candlewick Entertainment, 2015. $5.99. Peppa and her family are going to Snowy Mountain to enjoy the snow for the day. They go sledding, ice skating and skiing. Everything is new and different to Peppa and her brother, but they willingly try it all and can eventually skate and ski fairly easily. The whole family has a wonderful time. This is a book based on the television series, Peppa Pig. I liked that it was very lighthearted and fun and even though the activities were a little hard for Peppa and her brother at first, they continued to try them anyway. This would be a good introduction to snow sports for younger readers as well as good lesson in persistence. I didn’t feel like I needed to know anything about the television show to enjoy this book. PRE-K, EL (K-3)- ADVISABLE. Reviewed by Shay, School Librarian

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