Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Escape from Greasy World (a Fizzy’s Lunch Story) by Cooperate Author –NO

Corporate Author.  Escape from Greasy World (a Fizzy’s Lunch Story) Candlewick, 2015 $14.99 EARLY READER/
Henry and Avril must go to Greasy World and try to rescue Professor Fizzy and his crew. They think that Fast Food Freddy is to blame. They are not thrilled to go to Greasy World, but must. Its like a theme park for junk food. There they face challenge after challenge and must change their healthy food thinking into unhealthy choice if they want to win.
Wow. I haven’t heard of this show and its positively sad how far we must take healthy eating education. This book and its story kind of jumps in as though the reader knows a lot about the show and its just too weird for me. I may ask some students if they like the show and get a better gauge on its popularity. The illustrations are bright and eye catching.

EL(K-3)  –NO Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary School Librarian & Author.

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