Saturday, December 12, 2015

Slayers by C. J. Hill - ESSENTIAL

Hill, C. J.  Slayers.  Square Fish (Macmillan), 2013, REPRINT.  $9.99.  373 pages.  

Violence: PG-13.  Mature Content: PG.  Language: G.

Tori Hampton has always been obsessed with dragons so she decides to go to a summer camp called Dragon Camp.  It’s not exactly what the upscale senator’s daughter was expecting and the other “advanced” campers aren’t very nice.  The two team captains, Dirk and Jesse, are hot, but both don’t seem to want her on their team.  She discovers that the advanced campers are really dragon slayers, descended from knights who have special talents to help them fight dragons.  Dragons are real and an evil man named Overdrake is planning on taking over the US government with dragons as soon as they hatch.  Tori’s special gift is that she can hear what the dragon eggs are hearing.  She gets a clue to the location of the eggs and the teams attempt to destroy the dragon eggs before they hatch.  Someone in the group betrays them and Overdrake and his men are expecting them.  

Tori is a very likeable character, if a little too perfect.  The plot is fast-moving and sure to hook teens early on.  Sure to appeal to supernatural and fantasy fans alike with enough romance to satisfy Twilight fans and enough action to appeal to Percy Jackson fans.        

MS/HS-ESSENTIAL.  Samantha Hastings, MA, MLS.   

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