Sunday, December 20, 2015

Frederick’s Journey by Doreen Rappaport –ESSENTIAL

Rappaport, Doreen Frederick’s Journey Disney, 2015 $17.99 PICTURE BOOK/BIOGRAPHY
This picture book is a biography of Frederick Douglass. Born a slave, he was taken from everyone who loved him, experienced the full horror of  slavery, and despite this, never gave up the idea of freedom. Learning to read mostly on his own, he finally accomplished his goal, but realized it was not enough, Frederick became a fierce advocate for ending slavery through writing, speaking, and action, as he helped with the underground railroad. He was able to see many of his goals accomplished and had a long and accomplished life.
Although this is a picture book, remaining short enough to be read to a class, it has enough information for a student research as well. It doesn’t skimp on the hard to read details of his childhood, providing a solid foundation for the passionate efforts of this tenacious man to pursue his goals. I would recommend this book for upper elementary as it would be challenging to explain how a master might be his father and some of the complexity of the history of the time, to younger readers. The illustrations are wonderful and large enough to share with a group of students. 

EL –ESSENTIAL Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary School Librarian & Author.

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