Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Unofficial Doctor Who: The Big Book of LISTS - ADVISABLE

McEwan, Cameron K Unofficial Doctor Who: The Big Book of LISTS. Race Point Publishing Group, 2015. $21.99.  Content: G

McEwan does a masterful job of collecting facts and figures from the long-running British TV show, Doctor Who. Hardcore fans of the show will enjoy examining information about characters, actors, and storylines in the show.  The book includes some details about the original Who series that aired in the ‘60s-‘80s, but mostly focuses on the 2005 reboot. Including these details can appeal to fans of either generation of Who.

Because Doctor Who is increasingly popular among teens, this information can easily appeal to a number of Middle or High school students. This is not a novel with a storyline—it’s a companion to the show that will ONLY engage students family (and fond of) the British SciFi. The book is colorful and could be a good source to get non-readers picking up a book. You can flip to any page and learn some facts about Who. I recommend it to libraries with a definite population of kids that enjoy watching Who, and especially students that aren’t avid readers and could use something fun.


Reviewer: MS, LA teacher

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