Thursday, December 10, 2015

One Little Spark! Mickey’s Ten Commandments and the Road to Imagineering - OPTIONAL

Sklar, Marty One Little Spark! Mickey’s Ten Commandments and the Road to Imagineering, 219 pages.  Disney Editions, 2015.  $25. 

Marty SKlar has been there for the opening of every Disney park around the world, writing the original Disneyland News that used to be distributed in the Magic Kingdom, then becoming one of the original Imagineers and then becoming the official ambassador for Disney Imagineers since his retirement in 2009.  SO, to say he knows a lot about Disney and Imagineering in particular is an understatement. 

The first half of the book deals with Sklar’s Ten Commandments, using a Mousescar (great) and Goof (bad) example of the application of each principle, not sparing himself of the Disney legacy in the process.  The second half of the book is a collection of reflections and essays from Imagineers past and present, trying to explain the almost mythical qualities that go into the making of such a person.  There are many young people who should read this sage advice now, but I am afraid that it would go over their heads.  As someone who has never wanted to be an Imagineer, I certainly enjoyed reading every word.  This book is for a very special kind of Disney aficionado; not light reading, more for someone who wants to understand the big concepts behind the Disney ethic, rather than details on a particular ride or park or such.  It will definitely have its audience.

GIFT, HS – OPTIONAL. Cindy, Library Teacher

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