Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fish is Fish by Leo Lionni -- ADVISABLE

Lionni, Leo Fish is Fish. EARLY READER. Random House, 1998. $3.99. Content: G.

Fish and Tadpole are best friends, but when Tadpole becomes a frog and goes to shore, Fish is left alone. Ever the faithful friend, the frog happily returns to regale Fish with stories all about life on land. The intrigued Fish is determined to go to shore, too. Unfortunately, it turns out fish simply aren't meant to be out of water. This reprint of the 1970 tale is formatted for young readers.

This is a lovely story of friendship and making the best of a situation. I particularly enjoyed the part where the frog described people, birds, and cows -- all of which fish pictured as being, well, fish-like. What a fantastic way to show how our personal perspective strongly affects how we see life.

EL (K-3) -- ADVISABLE. Reviewer: Caryn

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