Friday, December 4, 2015

Daddy Said a Word* I never Heard by Scott Cohn –GIFT

Cohen, Scott Daddy Said a Word* I never Heard Little Brown, 2015. $15.00 PICTURE BOOK
A little girl has a word catch her attention. Its something her daddy says after he hits his thumb with a hammer by accident. (In this case it’s the names of different types Swedish furniture). More of these loud words spoken right after accidents or upsets, fill the girls head. Eventually when she gets upset, one come out of her mouth. Her teacher and parents work together to provide her with better words to use when she is unhappy.
This book is hilarious, but not right for children..I know it sounds like a lesson is learned by the end but then mommy picks up a hot plate and…well you…Also children will not get the humor of the Swedish furniture names as a swear word replacement. (Sort of had to have been the victim of putting together IKEA furniture to get this one as well). The illustrations are super funny, one image includes a beer at a poker get my drift, it’s a gag gift for grownups/parents.
ADULT –GIFT Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary School Librarian & Author.

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