Sunday, December 6, 2015

Catch the Zolt by Phillip Gwynne - ADVISABLE

Gwynne, Phillip Catch the Zolt (The Debt) pg. 275 Kane Miller, 2013 Language: (0 swears, 0 “f”); Mature Content-PG; Violence: PG;

On his 15th birthday a boys finds out about a family debt, which his great great great grandpa incured.  The debt is passed down from generation to generation.  He must fulfill a series of tasks or he will lose a pound of flashed like his grandpa.  His leg was taken when he was 15 and didn't do the task.  "The Debt" as the debtors are referrred to give him as his first task to catch "the Zolt" a modern day, teenage Robin Hood.  The Zolt had only been caught once by a bounty hunter, but had escaped.  Police had never even come close to him.  The boy was given one month or else.

This book was an easy but enjoyable read.  There was plenty of action.  Well written.  It was not hard to be drawn into the story. . . Great characters and personalities.  Ready for the other installments of the series.

HS - ADVISABLE-Phoebe Student Reviewer

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