Thursday, September 17, 2015

Will Sparrow’s Road by Karen Cushman - ADVISABLE

Cushman, Karen   Will Sparrow’s Road, 216 pgs.  Clarion, 2012.   $16.99.  Language: G, Mature Content- G;  Violence: PG (some scenes of intense fist fighting, wrestling); 

Imagine being a runaway in Elizabethan England.  Imagine not having anyone to call family and feeling alone in the world around you.  That’s the situation in which young Will Sparrow finds himself.  After running away from his ill-tempered guardian innkeeper, Will discovers that his natural talents for thievery and deceit fit right in with the world of fairs and festivals.  Will eventually finds himself among a varied group of outcasts and through their exploits together, he finds a home.  

Will Sparrow’s Road is a fun historical adventure, with some great literary resources listed in the back should the reader want to learn more about this age in history or for classroom projects.  Short chapters make this a great read aloud for upper elementary classes as well.  


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