Thursday, September 17, 2015

Beeswax Alchemy by Petra Ahnery - ADVISABLE

Ahnert, Petra Beeswax Alchemy, 133 pages.  Quarry Books, 2015.  $25.00.  NON-FICTION.  

If you like crafting, or like me your husband or you have started raising bees, then this is a great book to get started making giftable items from the wax your new charges are producing.  I have read other beeswax books in the past, but I like this author’s approach.  She gives the basics, the theory and the ideas behind each project and teaches you enough to allow you freedom to create your own concoctions in the future.  Other books I have read made me feel like I was not allowed to deviate from their recipes or didn’t give me enough information to understand why I was putting the ingredients together in a specific way.  A great reference book for an amateur, a crafting leader of any sort, a teen activity leader in a library, or someone who is bent on creating a home business. 

ADULT, GIFT - ADVISABLE.  Cindy, Library Teacher

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