Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Port Chicago 50 Disaster by Steve Sheinkin - ESSENTIAL

Sheinkin, Steve The Port Chicago 50 Disaster: Mutiny, and the fight for Civil Rights, pg. 200 Roaring Brook Press, 2014 Language: (0 swears, 0 “f”); Mature Content-PG; Violence: PG-13;

 We all are aware of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks and their fight for Civil Rights.  There are other unsung heroes at the San Francisco Bay in a Navy Base called Port Chicago.  It’s World War II and the Navy is still separated by race and color.  Black men are only allowed to cook and clean, and load ammunition.  The men are given no safety training on how to load the explosives.  On July 17, 1944 a huge explosion kills 320 men and injures many more.  The men thought it was interesting that everyone asked to load ammunition were black.  One day they get fed up with it and refuse to load due to the unsafe conditions.  The Navy called it mutiny and they were sentenced to death.  It later goes to trial.  Will justice be served for these black soldiers? 

This true story of the events that took place are captivating and riveting.  It is well written and easy to follow.  A must have for every school library.

MS, HS - ESSENTIAL-Emilee-Teacher Librarian

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