Monday, September 21, 2015

The Last Changeling by Yolen and Stemple - OPTIONAL

Yolen, Jane and Adam Stemple The Last Changeling (Seelie Wars 2), 287 pages.  Viking (Penguin), 2015. 

Snail and aspen have escaped the castle, but found themselves rescued by a troupe of performers that are not really their friends.  They discover that the Seelie War has started around them and there are very deep plots afoot on both sides.  

Yolen and Stemple have written a classic fantasy book - not based on known mythology of any culture except the world of fantasy.  Because of that, it is a little harder sell than a more “popular” fantasy sub-genre.  Excellent writing, good characterization, perfect for your hardcore fantasy readers.

EL, MS - OPTIONAL.   Cindy, Library Teacher

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