Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Matter of Heart by Amy Dominy - ADVISABLE

Dominy, Amy Fellner.  A Matter of Heart, pgs. 303. Delacorte Press, 2015.  $17.99  PG Language:  about 11 swears, no “F” word; Mature Content:  PG13 – making out in the backseat of a car; almost having sex; drinking; getting drunk; thinking about ending your life.
            Abby Lipman is a 16 year old super swimmer.  In fact, she is so good she is on track to qualify for the Olympic trials in just over a week.  She loves swimming and competing.  It has shaped her life and who she is.  Abby’s dad is congratulating her after a race when Abby blacks out.  She brushes it off as being dehydrated and tired.  But when it happens again, she and her parents fear something is terribly wrong.  Something certainly is wrong – something life-shattering.  How does Abby deal with her situation?  How does her relationship with her parents, best friend, and boyfriend change?  Abby’s life takes on a roller coaster-ride feel as she spirals out of control.
            I thoroughly enjoyed reading A Matter of Heart.  This book pulled me right in and I was hooked.  I enjoyed Amy Fellner Dominy’s writing style and could feel what Abby was going through.  Heart was definitely a romance but tackled some heavy topics: doping; dealing with a life-altering illness; drinking to escape; thinking about ending your life; being determined to win at all costs. 

MS / HS – ADVISABLE.   MJ Burton

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