Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Inked by Eric Smith - OPTIONAL

Smith, Eric Inked.  Bloomsbury Spark, 2015.  Digital only.  $5.

  In Caenum’s world, when you turn a certain age you are inked - a process that reveals your destiny.  And Caenum doesn’t want it.  When he upsets the Scribe before his Inking, he sets off a chain events that send him and his best friend, Dreya, running for safety, dragging along the Scribe’s apprentice.  The trio can’t even find refuge among the Unprinted, because one of them has a special power that could bring down the entire government.  

It’s too bad this is only available digitally, because it is still hard to integrate digital into my school library catalog.  I am making strides, but it is not easy.  Because of this, I can’t heartily recommend it as a circulating book for schools.  To riff on “The Big Bang Theory”, if the publisher really had faith in it, they would physically publish it.

HS - OPTIONAL - Cindy, Library Teacher

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