Sunday, September 13, 2015

Danger in the Darkest Hour (Magic Tree House Super Edition #1) by Mary Pope Osborne - ESSENTIAL

Osborne, Mary Pope.  Danger in the Darkest Hour (Magic Tree House Super Edition #1), illustrated by Sal Murdoca.  208 pages.  Random House Press, 2015.  $14.99.  Content: G.   Jack and Annie receive a carrier pigeon from their friend Teddy, an apprentice sorcerer from Camelot.  He asks for them to come help him in Glastonbury, England in one of the darkest hours of history.  When they arrive they learn that their other Camelot friend Kathleen is missing during World War II in France.  Jack and Annie parachute into France to find Kathleen and help her complete her mission.  They meet resistance fighters and come close to Nazis.  They figure out Kathleen’s riddle and are able to locate her and help her to safety.  The illustrations are two-pages wide and very serviceable.  I read an advanced reader’s copy that did not include any bonus materials, however, the final book is to include: overview of WWII, map of Europe, spies and technology in WWII, aircraft and war machines, names of the resistance and more.  This super edition is more than twice as long as many of the original series, but the plot moves quickly and the characters are just as likeable. 

EL-ESSENTIAL.  Samantha Hastings, MA, MLS.

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