Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Who’s Who in the Woods? A Pop-up Mystery by Eryl Norris and Andy Mansfield - ADVISABLE

Norris, Eryl and Andy Mansfield.  Who’s Who in the Woods? A Pop-up Mystery.  Little Bee Books (Bonnier Publishing Group), 2015.  $9.99.  Content: G.  PICTURE BOOK.
The creatures of the forest do not know who belongs to those scary eyes.  The bear, the owl, the bat, the elk, and even the wolf are nervous until they hear a voice.  The scary eyes belong to a small mouse that isn’t scary at all.  Norris and Mansfield cleverly use a monochromatic color scheme of blacks and grays with the only color being yellow eyes.  The pop-up artistry literally comes off the page and will beguile readers.  It is a spooky, but not scary book that would be perfect for Halloween, camping, or any time of year when you want to feel a chill.  It would be a great read aloud book for a group, but the size is more appropriate for an individual reading experience.
Pre-K - ADVISABLE.  Samantha Hastings, MA, MLS.   

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