Friday, September 25, 2015

The Rise and Fall of a Theater Geek by Seth Rudetsky - ADVISABLE

Rudetsky, Seth The Rise and Fall of a Theater Geek, 277 pgs. Random House, 2015. $9.99. Language: PG: (15 swears); Mature Content: PG; Violence: G.  

Justin has found the perfect internship for his 2 weeks at JobSkill.  He’ll be working with a New York publicity firm who represents off-Broadway shows.  Well, it’s not exactly what he was looking for, but it’s a foot in the door.  Then, during his annual trip to see Phantom just before Christmas, he meets his favorite celebrity who is living in New York while he’s in a Broadway Show and he offers Justin an internship to work with him.  What could be better? Things don’t turn out as planned, though.  First, Justin’s boyfriend breaks up with him, then, Justin forgets to cancel the first internship then lies to them about his grandmother dying so he can work with Chase in his show, but Chase’s assistant Hubert (pronounce oo-bare) has other plans for Justin’s time. 

This is another delightful farce, the sequel to “My Awful Popularity Plan;”  Rudetsky is hilarious, and drama geeks will love all the theater references.  

HS -  ADVISABLE Lisa Librarian

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