Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Her Evil Twin by Mimi McCoy - ESSENTIAL

McCoy Mimi, Her Evil Twin 172 pgs. Scholastic Inc., 2011. $5.99 Language-G (0 swears), Sexual Content-G; Violence-PG; Anna is freshly in seventh grade and has started to decide that her best friend for several years is "too dorky". Just as she's about to give up on her friend Dory, she meets Emma.  Emma is the perfect friend, she's so cool and all around the popular type. But when Emma starts pressuring Anna into doing things she knows are not right.  Then once Emma frames Anna for things she didn't do; Anna starts to smell something fishy.  I thought this book was so cute! The reason I picked it off the shelf is because I knew my eight-year-old sister loves these type of books. I read it thinking of her and I really got into it. Even though it is geared to elementary school age group, I still got some chills reading this book. This book is definitely one to read with all the lights on! ES - ESSENTIAL Student Reviewer: KU

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