Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jessica Rules the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey - OPTIONAL

Fantaskey, Beth Jessica Rules the Dark Side, 320 p.   Harcourt, JANUARY 2012.  $17.  Content: PG (5 swears).  Jessica (now Princess Anastacia) is failing miserably in her transformation from American high school student Pennsylvanian vegan to vampire princess.  She hasn’t studied her Romanian, she has no taste for violence – she is more than happy to sit back and let her husband Lucius and her new-found Dragomir cousins hold her hand and make choices for her.  When a powerful vampire is murdered, however, Lucius has been set up to take the fall.  If Anastacia doesn’t find a spine, Lucius will be destroyed.  It will take a lot more help – from her best friend Mindy Sue to Lucius’ closest friend and most bitter opponent Raniero to save Lucius.  OMG!  First Anastacia whines her way through 111 pages before she even THINKS about needing a bit of courage – then she CONTINUES to whine until page 176? – NOPE.  Page 210? – NOPE!  PAGE 264! Making only token attempts at being a ruler worthy of Lucius.  I was ready to kill her myself before she finally actually took control of her life.  From a gutsy heroine in the first book to this?  While I applauded Mindy Sue, Raniero and Lucius and I enjoyed the rest of vampire society, Fantaskey managed to out-Bella Bella with this incarnation of her main character.  All I can end with is OMG.  Don’t buy this unless you are VERY committed to the series.  I am sure it has an audience,  but REALLY???  I can’t believe I took a chance and put #1 on my middle school shelves.  And this is my reward? HS – OPTIONAL. Cindy, Library Teacher

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