Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Hole in the Middle by Paul Budnitz- ADVISABLE

Budnitz, Paul.  Kakeda, Aya.  The HOLE in the Middle, 40 pgs.  Hyperion Book CH, 2011.  $16.99.  Inside cover:  “This is a story about music, picnics, cake, loneliness and togetherness.  It’s about a boy who felt empty, and how he became a good friend and made himself whole again.”  This is a great book about forgetting oneself while helping a friend!  It teaches a great message to children about looking out for someone else’s feelings and best interest.  When Morgan worries more about his friend, Yumi, than himself, he realizes that he has completely forgotten about the “hole” in his life.  The message is easy to understand and the story is fun.   EL (K-3).  ADVISABLE.  Reviewer:  SL.

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