Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fantasy Baseball by Alan Gratz - ADVISABLE

Gratz, Alan Fantasy Baseball, 288 p. Dial (Penguin),  2011.  

Alex Metcalf loves baseball, but he must be dreaming – how can he be on a team with the Oz Cyclones, Dorothy Gale as their captain, and playing against some of the most famous and infamous characters in children’s books?  Well, how and why don’t really matter, because The Big Bad Wolf is out for blood – Alex’s blood and the Oz Cyclones are desperate to win this year’s pennant, because all of them need the prize – a wish granted by the Wizard himself.  In Ever After, if children stop remembering you, you disappear, but Alex is Lark, a temporary visitor from the real world – or is he?  

Gratz takes our beloved characters, and fantasy baseball, and brings a wonderful world to light – I was proud because I only had to look up a few characters to remember who they are.  Grandparents will probably enjoy buying this book for their grandchildren as a way to connect over their favorite books.  I am not too sure how much modern children will pick this up on their own, however.  

EL – ADVISABLE. Cindy, Library Teacher

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