Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Dagger Quick by Brian Eames - ESSENTIAL

Eames, Brian The Dagger Quick, 336 pgs. Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books, 2011. $11.67.

 Language-G, Violence-PG; Sexual Content-G


Set in the 17th century, this pirate story starts with a boy named “Kitto”. He is training to be a cooper, but spends his days watching the ocean and looking at boats, wishing he didn’t have a clubfoot. When his previously unknown Uncle William comes to visit, it sets off a chain reaction of events. Soon Kitto finds himself at sea, separated from his family, and the whole lot of them in grave danger. He must find a way to come to terms with his handicap, and put all his bravery and intelligence to the test if he is to survive.

I thoroughly adored this well-paced pirate adventure. The characters and their evolution, were so well written that I became nervous right along with them as the bad pirate Morris moved onto the scene. The plot is intriguing, clever, and authentic in many ways, I will absolutely be purchasing the second book when it come out. Even after the pirate craze dies down, students will love this story of a boy finding out what it takes to grow up and be incredibly brave.

Reviewer: Stephanie MLS graduate.

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mimi said...

Brian Eames, author of The Dagger Quick, has written a sequel, The Dagger X, and it was just released by Simon & Schuster (Nov. 2013). I have some review copies if anyone is interested in reading and posting a review.