Saturday, July 23, 2011

Little Mist by Angela McAllister - ADVISABLE

Little MistMcAllister, Angela Little Mistillustrated by Sarah Fox-Davies. Alfred A. Knopf, 2009. $16.99.  PICTURE BOOK.  When Little Mist, a baby snow leopard, is born all he knows is his mother's warm fur to snuggle in and her milk milk to drink.  Then one day, Little Mist's mother takes him out into the world where he is exposed to the snow, a river, and a mountain.    His mother also shows him various animals and how he will compare to them.  For example, he will be bigger than the red panda and faster than the moon bear.  He will one day be "King of the Mountain" and a great hunter.  This is a nice book.  It's a sweet story of a mother showing her son the world that will one day be his to enjoy.  The illustrations are excellent, and they give younger readers an opportunity to learn about snow leopards as well as other animals (like red pandas, wolves, and yaks).  This probably won't be a book that children want to read again and again, but it is sweet and well-done.  Pre-K, EL(K-3) – ADVISABLE. Brent Smith, Reading Teacher.

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