Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Dark Zone by Dom Testa - OPTIONAL

Testa, Dom The Dark Zone, 278 p. TOR, 2011.  $17.  Content: G.  The teenaged crew of the Galahad have made it through the Kuiper belt minefield, but something even stranger than the Cassini await them on the other side – a partially organic life form with no means to communicate to the ship and its crew.  Lita and Bon are still being affected by their interaction with the Cassini; Triana is still unsure of her position as leader of the force.  Channy is feeling her first romantic heartache, so she is emotionally unavailable when Lita and Triana need her most.   When Triana has to make a desperate choice, she realizes that there is no one but herself to give her guidance.  We are now four books into the Galahad series, but the limits of Mr. Testa’s format are beginning to show.  One desperate space-oriented problem, one new emotional problem for someone, only a handful of characters with any kind of depth to their characterization.  This is definitely a series for hard core sci-fi fans, but unless you are already invested in it, I wouldn’t suggest buying it until the series reaches its end or is available in paperback.  This selection is not strong enough nor compelling enough to stand up on its own.  Luckily number 5 is due out in September.  Since the original first book was printed in 2005, its readers are probably in their late teens, but the books have not grown with the readers, so they have probably moved on to something more compelling.  I will let you know when the series is finished – then would be the best time to buy.  MS – OPTIONAL. Cindy, Library Teacher

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