Saturday, July 30, 2011

Red Moon Rising by Peter Moore- ADVISABLE

Moore, Peter. Red Moon Rising, 321 pgs. Hyperion, 2011. $16.99. Language- PG-13 ( 22 swears, 0 ‘f’), Sexual Content- PG, Violence- PG.  Danny Gray is half vamp, and half wulf, a rare anomaly at his all vampire high school of Carpathia High. In a society where vampires are the elite and wulfs are trucked away each month at the full moon, this does not bode well for Danny. When he was younger he had genetic treatments to override his wulf genes, but the treatments had to be stopped before they were finished because Danny got sick. All the doctors assumed Danny’s wulf genes would never manifest themselves, but when he starts feeling sicker and sicker the closer the full moon gets, Danny has to decide if he wants to turn himself in, or become a rogue wulf. I liked this book. It’s a really different spin on the vampires and werewolves genre, so it was intriguing. Worth reading!  Middle School, High School- ADVISABLE.  Student Reviewer- AL

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