Monday, July 18, 2011

A girl, a ghost, and the Hollywood hills by Lizabeth Zindel–OPTIONAL

Zindel, Lizabeth A girl, a ghost, and the Hollywood hills, 306 pgs. Viking Juvenile, 2010. $11.89. Language-PG (1 Swear); Violence-G; Sexual Content-PG.
Holly is a high school senior who comes home to her LA mansion, from boarding school for Christmas break. Her life has changed a lot in the past year –last summer Holly’s beloved mother, a famous movie producer, has taken her own life. Worst of all her father is now dating her mothers sister, Claudia. Holly has never liked Claudia, she is nothing like her mom, and now she is around all the time. Holly’s life gets even more stressful, when a ghost enters the picture with information and an urgent request. Now Holly must find out what really happened to her mom, all by herself. Though she does manage a new love interest, on the side.
I found the character of Holly hard to get to know and found it hard to relate to her on a number of levels. But I think students will be intrigued by her lifestyle and the ghost element. Overall the plot and dialogue was well written and felt authentic. For me, the ending was a big letdown and it tarnished my view of the rest of the book, and I think that students will feel the same way.
MS, HS – OPTIONAL. Reviewer: Stephanie MLS graduate.

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