Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shoot for the Moon! Lessons on Life from a Dog Named Rudy by Corinne Humphrey- ADVISABLE

Humphrey, Corinne.  Shoot for the Moon!: Lessons on Life from a Dog Named Rudy, 32 pages.  Chronicle Books, 2011. $15.99.  Back cover: “Anyone can teach their dog to sit, stay and speak, but did you ever stop to think what your dog could teach you?  This celebration of one very special canine companion was inspired by the real story of a shelter-dog named Rudy.  Even though he wasn’t the prettiest or most well behaved, Rudy had the biggest heart.  His joy for life, courage, and carefree spirit finally led Rudy to the happy home he always wanted.  Now, just like Rudy, you too will be inspired to find a hero, take leaps- and shoot for the moon!”  This is a great, simple book about joy and success.  We enjoyed the illustrations and the true story behind the union of Rudy and Corinne which we read in the back. This book could be used in various units on self esteem, goals, dreams, feelings, and art.  El (K-3).  EL.  ADVISABLE.  Reviewer:  SL. 


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