Friday, July 29, 2011

One Foot Two Feet by Peter Maloney- ESSENTIAL

Maloney, Peter.  Zekauskas, Felicia.  One Foot, Two Feet, 48 pgs. Putnam Juvenile, 2011. Inside cover: “Watch the fun add up!  One foot, two feet. One mouse, three mice.  One goose, four geese…In this clever counting book, die-cut windows frame a single object and a turn of the page reveals the whole group.  Featuring familiar objects and funny artwork, this inventive concept book is a great introduction to both counting and common irregular plural nouns.  Kids will also have tons of fun playing a hide-and-seek game, spying the little airplane that zooms through each spread.”  This book is not only fun, it’s educational!  Children will have to be on their toes to remember which number comes next, AND figure out irregular plural nouns.  I was sure that my kids would be stumped on a few of them!  The age range is wide spread, from babies to early elementary grades.  The illustrations are simple and charming!  Pre-K.  EL (K-3).   ESSENTIAL.  Reviewer: SL. 

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