Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby - ADVISABLE

Ashby, Amanda Fairy Bad Day, 336 p. Speak (Penguin), 2011.  $8.  

Content: PG (some supernatural violence – but what do you expect when you are fighting demons?).  

Emma Jones has been training all o fher life to succeed her famous mother as the next dragon slayer.  Imagine her shock when she meets with her Principal and finds that she has been assigned to fairies.  Fairies?? Really? Fairies are so insignificant that there hasn’t ever been a fairy slayer assigned – EVER.  They hang out at the mall eating junk food and bad clothes, for heavens sake!  And who gets dragons?  The annoying Curtis Greene.  And now Emma is forced to work on a group project with Curtis.  If Emma doesn’t buckle down and cooperate, she could lose her place at the Burtonwood Academy.  But something weird is happening at the Gate – something has figured out how to open it and let more evil into the world.  And Emma and her unorthodox fairy techniques may be the key.  

Ashby has exceeded my expectations with her second book.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly and love Emma’s character.  I would skip buying Zombie Queen of Newbury High and just add this one to your collection. And its already in paperback – so score a couple!  

MS, HS – ADVISABLE. Cindy, Library Teacher

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