Friday, July 22, 2011

Dino Pets Go To School by Lynn Plourde - ADVISABLE

Plourde, Lynn. Dino Pets Go To School, illustrated by Gideon Kendall. Dutton Children’s Book (Penguin), 2011. $16.99. PICTURE BOOK . The teacher says the can bring a pet to school, so a little boy brings his pet dinosaurs. First the tallest dinosaur, then the loudest, next the spikiest, then the widest, and the smartest, and finally the youngest. Each dinosaur has difficulty at school with buses, class rules, recess games, lunch tables, and homework. Luckily the youngest dinosaur (still an egg) was well behaved. The back of the book gives a short bio on each dinosaur in the story. Each illustration is a painted masterpiece with personality. The rhyme sequence makes this book a natural read aloud and the delightful story will appeal to all ages. ADVISABLE – RATING. Samantha, Public Librarian.

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