Sunday, April 3, 2016

Peas in a Pod by Tania McCartney- ESSENTIAL

McCartney, Tania and Tina Snerling Peas in a Pod.  Exisle Publishing, 2015. $17.99. PICTURE BOOK.

When quintuplets were born into this family, they were adorable and exactly the same. They did everything together, dressed alike, and were identical in every way.  Until one day Pippa, Pia, Poppy, Polly and Peg changed things up and chaos hit their home.  They dressed differently, enjoyed different activities, and developed different personalities.  It didn' take long before mum amd dad put everything back in order. But how long will 5 identical little girls fit into that mold?

This is an adorable picture book with many themes running through the storyline. Obviously quintuplets are rare but the idea of children being true to themselves can be explored in regular families or in social situations where children feel like they have to perform, dress, or be a certain way to "fit in".  Being unique and individual is a trait that children need to embrace.  This incredilby illustrated book helps explore that option.  The five siblings are adorably depicted in unique, vibrant ways.  Many of the pages are in the same color to signify uniformity.  The final pages are bold with color and personality depicting individuality.  We loved this book!  Pre-K.

EL (K-3).  ESSENTIAL.  Reviewer: SL

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