Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Haters by Jesse Andrews - NO

Andrews, Jesse The Haters, 324 pages. Amulet Press, 2016. $18.95. Language: R;  Mature Content: R (explicit language, sexual content).

Wesley Namaste Doolittle, his friend Cory, and worldly, wealthy Ashley (Ash) Ramos ditch summer jazz camp to hit the road to become the band they want to be. They find some small gigs and they also find the crass, seedy, grownup side of being on the road. 
Of course this novel is about growing up, finding out who you are and experiencing life.

The writing is clever and compelling.  While smartly written, most of the situations the teens find themselves in are absurdly pointless. The characters are shallow and worse, static. They don’t grow.  The music that is supposed to compel the travel is only used as an excuse to have a road trip. There are excessive swear words, the sexual content is explicit and silly. Excessive swearing and detailed sex makes this inappropriate for school libraries.   The Haters is pornographic. 


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