Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Not for All the Hamantaschen in Town by Laura Aron Milhander -OPTIONAL

Milhander, Laura Aron Not for All the Hamantaschen in Town. Illlustrated by Inna Charnyak. Ken-Ben Publishing, 2016. $17.99. PICTURE BOOK. Three little pigs named Rishon, Sheni, and Shlishi are getting ready for the Jewish Purim carnival by making crowns for their costumes.  Rishon made is crown out of bright, purple paper.  It took only a few minutes and then he spent the rest of the afternoon playing.  Sheni made his crown out of sturdy poster board.  It took a little longer, but there was still time to play.  Shlishi made is crown out of poster board as well, but he made it stronger with paper mache.  It took him all afternoon to finish.  He didn't even have a minute to play in the mud before bedtime. This is a cute spin-off of the regular "Three Little Pigs" story.  Instead of the wolf blowing over their houses, he blows the costume crowns off their heads.  This story also takes a new twist by the pigs offering kindness and help to the wolf and helping him to obtain the much desired traditional pastry called hamantaschen.  This is a good informational book for children who do not understand or know about the holiday of Purim.  It is also a great book for families who celebrate this Jewish holiday.  Inna Charnyak uses digital artistry to illustrate this fun story.  The pictures are detailed and brightly colored.  We enjoyed this book which could easily be used in a classroom as a fun, informational picture book.  Pre-K.  EL (K-3). OPTIONAL. Reviewer: SL.

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