Friday, April 22, 2016

Samira and the Skeletons by Camilla Kuhn - NO

Kuhn, Camilla Samira and the Skeletons, PICTUREBOOK. Eerdman’s, 2016. $16.00. 

During a health lesson at school, Samira learns that everyone has a skeleton. She doesn’t want to believe it! That gross thing is not inside of her or her friend Frida. But the teacher insists it’s true, and suddenly everyone looks like skeletons to Samira.  Even the people she sees on the streets on the way home. She wants her mom to get rid of it, she doesn’t want a skeleton.  So mom agrees to help her pull out her skeleton and give it to the tooth fairy. 

Ugh.  Not a children’s book, a psychology experiment? Sort of disturbing.  I guess you could use this in a health class, as she does discover the importance of her skeleton.  

EL  (K-3) - NO Lisa Librarian

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