Sunday, April 17, 2016

Breath to Breath by Craig Lew - OPTIONAL

Lew, Craig Breath to Breath, 432 pages. Little Pickle Press, 2015 $19.95.  Language: R (30+ swears, 25 + “F”); Mature Content: R (abuse); Violence: R.

Upon the death of his grandfather, Will is headed to San Clemente, California to live with an emotionally abusive father he does not know. Will also has a violent and explosive past with Kansas law enforcement.  However, Will is athletic, artistic and kind.   In trying to help an elusive young boy who has been terrorized by neighborhood bullies, Will's violent nature erupts. 

Told in prosaic-verse Breath to Breath is a story of discovery and healing. A note from the publisher and the book cover tell us this novel is based on a true story. Breath to Breath a very fast moving story with disturbing scenes. The book may be best place in the counselors’ office and handed to specific individuals rather than made available to general school library access. 


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