Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mr. Putter and Tabby Smell the Roses by Rylant -

Rylant, Cynthia, Mr. Putter and Tabby Smell the Roses.  EARLY READER. Houghton Milton Harcourt, 2015. Language: G (no swears, no “F’s”); Mature content: G; Violence: G.

This adorable story is heartwarming from start to finish. Mr. Putter and his cat, Tabby are the best of friend with their next door neighbors, Mrs. Teaberry and her dog, Zeke. They do everything together and always have a lot of fun. Mr. Putter wants to plan the perfect birthday surprise for Mrs. Teaberry. Balloons, ice cream, and cake aren’t enough to show Mrs. Teaberry how special she is. Mr. Putter decides the Conservatory is the perfect place to celebrate her special day. Everyone dresses their very best and the day goes perfectly…until Zeke finds the banana tree. He can’t resist taking a taste. This causes the guard to blow his whistle, sending Tabby scrambling terrified into a nearby lemon tree. Lemons rain down on everyone. The day could be ruined by this series of unfortunate events, but instead, Mr. Putter and Mrs. Teaberry prove that they can make the best out of any situation. They take Zeke and Tabby home and make some lemonade. 

The message of this tale is great for children and adults. No day and no person or pet is ever perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. The best thing to do when things don’t go as planned is make the best of a less than ideal situation. I will read this book to my child and myself whenever I need a great reminder set to adorable pictures and loveable characters.

EL (K-3) - ADVIABLE. Reviewer: JLarsen

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